About Us

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday   8:00am to 4:30pm

Main Number:  (817) 326-4720

Emergency after hours Number:  (817) 573-2235

Welcome to the AMUD District and let you know a little bit about us.  AMUD was created in 1982 to serve the Acton area, DeCordova Bend Estates, Indian Harbor and Pecan Plantation residents.  Acton Municipal Utility District is a non-profit governmental entity run by 5 elected Board Members. 

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regulates water quality and wastewater services.   AMUD’s water quality meets or exceeds all Federal and State drinking water quality standards. 

The District provides water to all District members, and sewer to District members in DeCordova Bend Estates, parts of Pecan Plantation and the Acton area.  Over the years, we have grown from a customer base of 2,000 households to a current customer base of approximately 8,900 households.

Our water comes from 24 wells located throughout the District and is supplemented with treated surface water from Lake Granbury, (water treated at Brazos Regional Public Utility Agency (BRPUA) SWATS Plant here in Acton).

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Acton Municipal Utility District (AMUD) is to provide within its service area an abundant, safe, high quality water supply for all municipal, domestic, and commercial purposes and to collect, transport, process, dispose of and control all domestic, industrial or communal wastewater.

AMUD will serve a leading role in maintaining and improving the quality of life in the community, to safeguard public health and further economic development, by operating at the lowest reasonable cost and in a service oriented, forward looking and financially responsible manner.

Service Area

The District is composed of a number of subdivisions, scattered individual residents and undeveloped agricultural lands surrounding the southern portion of Lake Granbury and along that portion of Brazos River which flows from Lake Granbury.

AMUD maintains water systems for portions of Hood County and Johnson County; Service Area Documents below detail the subdivisions that AMUD serves.

Acton Municipal Utility District
6420 Lusk Branch Ct.
Granbury, TX 76049-2035

Acton Municipal Utility District