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Notice to PPOA Members

AMUD has been in discussions with PPOA since Fall 2021 that a proposed upgrade and expansion of AMUD’s wastewater treatment facility was necessary in the near future.  This upgrade is necessary to maintain compliance for the ever-growing population of PPOA and ever tightening environmental regulations from the state and federal governments.  AMUD is also upgrading the facility to produce a much higher quality of effluent to go back to the river, and to reduce foul odors and noise levels from the facility, to be a good neighbor to PPOA.

Duration of the project is projected to be approximately 20 months, though the current climate of supply chain delays could require an adjustment of the schedule.  During the construction, there will be periods of high traffic, consisting of vehicles carrying demolition debris removed from the old treatment facility, metal fabrications and piping, concrete cement, and various types of construction equipment.

During the majority of the construction time, traffic for the project will be limited to pickup traffic going to the treatment facility site.  However, there will be periods where large vehicle traffic needs to come through PPOA for hours at a time, on a daily basis, to support equipment or material deliveries to the site, or removal of material from the plant site.  PPOA is currently coordinating with the project contractor to identify appropriate heavy traffic times each day and times that are not appropriate for large vehicles (such as early morning and late afternoon when there is high resident traffic entering/leaving PPOA).

PPOA and AMUD are currently working on the final agreed upon travel route for large vehicle traffic during the project, which is currently anticipated to run from the back gate down Wedgefield to Woodlawn, then south to Bellechase to Bontura and down Bontura to Buena Vista to Edgewood Ct, and ending at the AMUD treatment facility on Edgewood Ct.

The traffic is anticipated to put some amount of strain on the travel route.  PPOA and AMUD are currently in negotiations to identify the appropriate mitigation efforts to maintain current road conditions during the construction project as well as trying to minimize the inconvenience to residents.  The upgrade and expansion of this treatment facility benefits all current and future PPOA residents, and AMUD is completing this project as a service to the PPOA area.

As the project progresses, we will keep the membership informed of major traffic changes and construction updates when possible.  The project contractor will be providing weekly and monthly “look ahead” schedules to AMUD and PPOA, to identify when major deliveries, removals, or other large traffic are anticipated to help minimize inconveniences to PPOA residents.

Port Ridglea East Residents

Acton Municipal Utility District (AMUD) has an ongoing commitment to help improve and protect Lake Granbury water quality in your area by providing first time sewer availability for your subdivision. 

Although we have been able to utilize grant funds to assist us in this effort on two previous occasions, we were unsuccessful in obtaining grant funds this past year for the Phase 3 project.  As you may be aware, grant funds have been used to assist low to moderate income qualifying households tie onto the sewer collection system. 

We will continue to apply for grant funds in future Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding cycles to assist additional qualifying households.

At this time, AMUD is pleased to announce that funds have been budgeted to construct main wastewater collection lines and thereby provide sewer service capability for all remaining portions of Port Ridglea East (PRE).  Construction is slated to occur this Summer.  Once completed, anyone wishing to tie onto the system will need to apply for sewer service with AMUD, pay the appropriate connection fees and hire a licensed plumbing and electrical contractor to install the grinder pump system and abandon the existing septic holding tanks.

Once again, we will continue to pursue grant funding to assist low to moderate qualifying households in tying onto the collection system. 

Follow this link to review the Hood County Order which describes the trigger criteria to be used by the Hood County Environmental Health Department in determining when residents using an existing septic system will be required to tie onto wastewater collection facilities.  Anyone with questions regarding this County Order should contact the County Environmental Health Department at (817) 579-3288 for more information.

You can contact the AMUD office with questions about this important project, or visit our website at for updates on project status. 

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