New Service Request

Welcome to Acton Municipal Utility District (AMUD) 

In order to start new service with AMUD you need to complete the Service Application and Agreement.  If you have any questions please call the office at 817-326-4720 or email our customer service representative at

AMUD service can begin on the same day if we receive the following before 2:30 P.M.:

  • Completed Service Application and Agreement.
  • Copy of current Driver’s License or State Issued Picture ID.
    • (Picture ID must be clear and readable).
  • New Service fees have been paid.
    • Your deposit will be applied to the final bill and refunded at the end of service.

Please allow 2 weeks for water/sewer taps to be installed.

For your security we will only release personal account information or make changes to your account to those people identified on the Service Application.

Special Message for properties located in Port Ridglea East and Nassau Bay along Carla Court.

By Order of the Hood County Commissioners Court, Vol. 32, Page 300 - 301, “A property owner of a residential structure that utilizes an on-site sewage facility and is located within an area of “Certificate of Convenience and Necessity” and is located in the platted subdivision of Port Ridglea East and properties with structures immediately adjacent to Carla Court shall discontinue use of the on-site sewage facility and connect to centralized sanitary sewer when…” Learn more...

In District Customers New Service Application - ONLINE FORM

  • To start new service with Acton Municipal Utility District (AMUD) you need to complete this New Service Application. You will need a copy of your Driver’s License for both Primary and Joint account holders.  This application is for customers moving into an existing home, This application is not for NEW Construction.
  • You will receive an email confirmatiion that the service agreement has been received.  Call the office at 817-326-4720 to pay new service fees with your credit card or debit card.

New Landlord Program

AMUD is instituting a new Landlord Program.  Landlords/property managers will now have the option to automatically transfer water service from the tenant’s name into the landlord/property manager name when a tenant cancels water service.  This program will maintain service on property (s) between tenants without having the service disconnected or requiring the landlord/property manager to fill out a new service agreement and pay a deposit.

  • To be eligible for this program the landlord/property manager must be in good standing with AMUD.
  • Landlord/property manager agrees to have service automatically transferred from tenant’s name into landlord/property manager name when tenant cancels service. AMUD will read the meter and automatically set up the account in the name shown on the Landlord Authorization Form.  A $30.00 meter maintenance fee will be charged to the landlord/property managers’ account.
  • To participate in this Program, the landlord/property manager will identify service address (s) as shown on AMUD records. Thereafter, the landlord/property manager must notify AMUD of accounts to be added to or deleted from the Program.  The landlord/property manager is responsible for all usage incurred at the location until AMUD receives a new service application, deposit and maintenance fees from a new tenant.
  • Failure to pay any bills while service is in the name of the landlord/property manager may result in transfer of the outstanding balance to another account, disconnection of service and/or removal from this program.
  • If satisfactory payment history is not maintained by the landlord/property manager, accounts will be removed from the program and will not be eligible to re-apply for the program again for one year and after establishing satisfactory payment history.


Upon completion of filling out, executing and submitting the Landlord Authorization Form to the AMUD Office, our customer service office will tag the address (s) you provide.  When one of your tenants cancels water service, the account will automatically be transferred into the landlord/property manager name and the account will remain in your name until the next tenant starts service.  A meter maintenance fee of $30.00 will be added to your next statement along with water/sewer charges.

See Landlord Authorization Form below.  If you are interested in signing up for this program, please complete the form and return it to the AMUD Office.