The following information must be turned into the AMUD office by the 1st of the month to be presented at the AMUD Board Meeting.

  • General Written Statement from developer or home owner listing:
    • The Number of proposed lots, phases and/or units
    • The Size and Type of structures to be built (Residential/Commercial)
    • Any special land uses, i.e.: parks, common areas, etc.
    • Schedule for development of the project
  • If within the City of Granbury's ETJ or the City of DeCordova ETJ:
    • A Letter addressed to the City of Granbury or the City of DeCordova requesting AMUD to provide water and/or wastewater service to your development or lot.
  • Preliminary Plat showing the following:
    • Survey by a Texas Registered Land Surveyor, (single lots require legal description), Course, Distance, and description of all streets, easements, lots, utilities both proposed and existing, all water courses, watersheds and storm drainage paths affecting the Development. 
    • Date, Scale, north arrow, and names of all developers, engineers, and surveyors.
  • Limited Title Search Showing 'Owners' and any 'Lien Holders' if applicable.
  • All necessary easement documents.
  • Executed 'Petition for Annexation'.  Lien holders must sign agreement.
  • Executed 'Restrictive Covenant'.  Lien holders must sign agreement.
  • Completed Annexation Application
  • Annexation filing fee of $100.00

Make sure application is filled out completely to insure no delay in processing your application request.  Please note that the annexation process takes a minimum of two months to complete.  Have Documents verified prior to signing to make sure all documentation is in order.

If you have any questions or concerns please call:

  • Main Office Number: 817-326-4720
  • Office Fax Number: 817-326-5031

The following people are here to help you through the annexation process:

  • Richard English, General Manager            
  • TJ Riggio, Superintendent                                               
  • Cynthia Neal, Executive Assistant