Permits are required for New Construction, Remodels, installation of hot water heaters and irrigation systems.

AMUD developed 'General Development Policy' and  'Construction Standards' based on State and Federal laws which require AMUD to make inspections.

The Acton Municipal Utility District (AMUD) Board of Directors approved a fee schedule for plumbing inspections and grinder pump inspections.  These inspections are regulated by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and State Plumbing Board.

Plumbing Permits:  Required for all new construction, remodeling or additions that change or add to the existing water or wastewater lines.  This includes water heater replacements.  AMUD operates under the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) 2006.  New Construction requires that water and wastewater inspections are done at rough in before any dirt or concrete is placed over a water or wastewater line at the foundation and from the foundation to AMUD connections.  Inspections are also required at Top Out, after all fixtures meet plumbing code, and all backflow devices are in place.

Irrigation Permits:  Required for all new installations of irrigation systems or replacing existing backflow devices. 

License Registration Form:  Electrical and plumbing contractors are required to have a copy of their current electrical, plumbing, irrigation and/or backflow license on file with AMUD.  There is no charge to register with AMUD; however inspections will not be processed without licenses on file with AMUD.  To register, the contractor must complete the License Registration Form (see below) and present it to the AMUD office along with a copy of their Driver’s License and Plumbing or Backflow License.

You can call the office at 817-326-4720 to see if your contractor is registered with AMUD.

Please be aware that any structure which the attached schedule of inspections has not been performed and passed by the District will not be approved for service.

The AMUD Inspection Packet contains information that specifies the water and wastewater inspection requirements for facilities constructed within the District, along with the low pressure wastewater system policy and procedures.

Call our Inspectors at (817) 219-2024 or (817) 219-1250 if you have and questions on inspection procedures. 

Inspections are required for the protection of the public water supply and to insure the proper installation for customer use.  Thank you for working with us in the protection of the public water supply.